For Any Reason

For the non-partisan Michigan Supreme Court

Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack is seeking re-election to the Michigan Supreme Court where last year her colleagues elected her Chief Justice.

She believes equal justice for all is the core value of our justice system and a fundamental principle of our democracy. That is why since joining the court she has devoted herself to improving the way Michiganders experience the state’s 242 trial courts. She established MI-RESOLVE to help people resolve legal disputes without lawyers and court appearances, with problem-solving courts that address underlying issues like substance abuse that often land people in court, and the use of technology to improve access and accessibility to our courts.

Last spring when the pandemic hit, Michigan’s court system was ready thanks to her leadership. She co-chaired the Governor’s Taskforce on Jail and Pretrial Reform, which last February offered evidence-based and values-driven reform proposals designed to make Michigan’s communities safer, stronger and more just. Those proposals are now before state lawmakers. To learn more visit bridgetmarymccormack.com.

Elizabeth Welch has dedicated her 25-year legal career to making Michigan work for us all through her employment law practice, public school advocacy, conservation leadership, election protection work, and extensive community service.

She is running for the Michigan Supreme Court to add her fair and balanced lens to the Court and to ensure all courts in our State are accessible to our communities. Ms. Welch is endorsed by the Michigan Democratic Party (including over 50 Democratic County Parties, Clubs, Caucuses, and Congressional Districts), the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ), the Michigan Education Association (MEA), the Michigan League of Conservation Voters (MLCV), and numerous other unions and progressive organizations. Ms. Welch is a dedicated public servant and a fighter for equal justice. Safer and fair working conditions, equity in education, protecting our natural resources, and ensuring that the law is applied fairly to all people of Michigan are the hallmarks of Ms. Welch’s vast and respected career.

A bridge builder and a fierce advocate, Ms. Welch is ready to bring her diverse experience to the highest court in our state. You can find out more about her campaign and get involved at welchforjustice.com.

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Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are running to restore the soul of the nation, rebuild the middle class, and unite the country.

This election is going to decide our future for a very long time.

Today, our country faces four historic crises: a public health crisis that has killed more than 185,000 and infected over 5 million Americans, an economic crisis that has left tens of millions of Americans without jobs, the familiar wound of systemic racism ripped open once again, and climate change threatening our economy, communities, and future.

Vice President Biden and Senator Harris know that we can’t just return to the way things were - we have to build back better. They are ready on day one, prepared to fight and deliver results for working families, not the super-wealthy or corporations. They will listen to experts and contain this virus. They will build upon the Affordable Care Act and make healthcare more affordable. And in this process, they will help to create millions of good-paying jobs across our country.

American history tells us in our darkest moments, we’ve made our greatest progress. It’s then that we’ve found the light.

Joe Biden’s values, his character, are the polar opposite of Donald Trump’s. He represents a sea change from this President. And, as President, Joe Biden will unite Americans of all backgrounds to move our country forward. To learn more, visit joebiden.com.


U.S. Senator Gary Peters, ranking Member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, launched a formal investigation into delays at the U.S. Postal Service that are preventing Americans from receiving critical mail on-time, including prescription drugs, business mail, and mail-in ballots. The investigation followed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s failure to provide answers to repeated inquiries from Peters and other Senators.

Since his election to the U.S. Senate in 2014, after three terms in the U.S. House, Senator Peters has focused on strengthening Michigan’s middle class by protecting access to quality, affordable health care, making college affordable, enhancing public education, and fiercely defending the health of our priceless Great Lakes. Senator Peters, a veteran himself, is also a leader on national security and veterans’ issues as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Senator Peters has been ranked one of the most effective and bipartisan Democratic members of the Senate by nonpartisan organizations like the Center for Effective Lawmaking, the Lugar Center and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. To learn more, visit petersformichigan.com.


Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti cities,
Ann Arbor, Pittsfield, Scio, Superior & Ypsilanti Townships

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell is a tireless fighter for working families in Michigan. In Congress, Congresswoman Dingell is a leader on improving access to healthcare, protecting our Great Lakes, lowering prescription drug costs, fighting for seniors and veterans, reducing gun violence and supporting manufacturing. Congresswoman Dingell is a strong advocate for supporting our auto industry in the United States by protecting manufacturing, and preserving and creating jobs here at home. She has been an outspoken supporter of strong fuel economy standards that accomplish her twin goals of environmental protection and affordability. Debbie has also worked tirelessly to give our workers a level playing field on trade.

As Co-Chair of the Medicare for All Caucus, Congresswoman Dingell has been a leader on the fight for Medicare For All, and her advocacy on the issue led to the first Congressional hearings on Medicare for All. Additionally, her bipartisan legislation to extend critical programs that keep seniors in their homes and ensure they don’t go bankrupt to get the care they need were signed into law.

Protecting our environment is a top priority for Congresswoman Dingell. In the House, she leads strong legislation to rapidly move to a 100 percent clean energy economy. As Co-Chair of the Great Lakes Task Force, she successfully advocated for fully funding the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative as well as fighting for more resources to combat PFAS chemical contamination in our state. Congresswoman Dingell is also championing the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act in Congress, landmark legislation to provide $3.8 billion to states to do proactive work to prevent animals from becoming endangered. Congresswoman Dingell has experienced all sides of the opioid epidemic and her bipartisan legislation to address the issue has been signed into law. She founded the Bipartisan Working Group to End Domestic Violence, which has rallied support around the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act. To learn more, visit debbiedingellforcongress.com.


Cheslea, Dexter, Milan & Saline cities
Augusta, Bridgewater, Dexter, Freedom, Lima, Lodi, Lyndon, Manchester, Northfield, Salem, Saline, Scio, Sharon, Sylvan, Webster & York Townships

As the granddaughter and daughter of Navy Veterans, Gretchen Driskell grew up learning that we have an obligation to give back to our community and that the most valuable things in life are always worth standing up for. These lessons are what’s driven Ms. Driskell to spend her life working for family and community – and it’s why she’s running for Congress.

After starting her career in public accounting, Ms. Driskell moved to Saline, Michigan for the opportunities it could provide her family. As a young mother, she saw a need for a recreation center so that families like hers had a gathering place - so, she helped lead the efforts to build the Saline Recreation Complex, which celebrated its 25th anniversary just a few years ago. During her 14 years as Mayor of Saline, Ms. Driskell passed 14 balanced budgets, and prioritized and improved local schools. Most of all, she is proud that during her tenure she worked to attract new ventures to diversify Saline’s economy and to build Saline’s reputation as a place to do business.

In 2012, Ms. Driskell was elected to the Michigan Legislature, representing rural Washtenaw County as its state Representative. During her time in Lansing, she worked for better rural broadband access, made sure that her community was at the top of the list for infrastructure improvements, and worked to make it easier for small businesses to access local capital. Throughout her career, Ms. Driskell has always felt that it was important to get out and hear from people where they live. That’s why during her time as state Representative, she talked to voters every day and heard their stories by knocking on more than 25,000 doors.

Today, Ms. Driskell continues to live in Saline and is the proud mother of three children: Ryan, Matthew (an Ensign in the U.S. Navy), and Marielle. She is the proud grandmother of Chloe. To learn more, visit votegretchen.com.



More election, registration, and candidate info at: washtenawdems.org/voter-information

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Chelsea, Dexter & Saline cities,
Bridgewater, Dexter, Freedom, Lima, Lodi, Lyndon, Manchester, Northfield, Salem, Saline, Scio, Sharon, Sylvan & Webster Townships.

Representative Donna Lasinski was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2016, after serving on the Ann Arbor Public School Board. Representative Lasinski is a former small business owner focused on helping children have education-rich summer learning experiences. In the Michigan House of Representatives, Ms. Lasinski has focused on infrastructure, clean water and small business growth. To learn more, see votedonnalasinski.com.


Ann Arbor city

Representative Yousef Rabhi is the Democratic Floor Leader in the Michigan House of Representatives and has served since 2016, fighting for single-payer universal healthcare, Green New Deal policies at the state level, justice for all, and reversing funding cuts to public schools and universities. He currently serves on the Government Operations Committee. To learn more, see voterabhi.com.


Ypsilanti city, Superior & Ypsilanti Townships

Representative Ronnie Peterson was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2016, having served on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners and the Ypsilanti City Council for many years. Representative Peterson serves on the Appropriations Committee. Representative Peterson has long been involved in spurring economic growth in eastern Washtenaw County, including founding the Eastern Washtenaw Leaders Forum and the SPARK East Business Incubator. To learn more, see peterson4rep.com.


Ann Arbor & Milan cities; Ann Arbor, Augusta, Pittsfield & York Townships

Felicia Brabec served Washtenaw County on the Board of Commissioners for the past eight years. As a Commissioner, she has worked on everything from protecting our environment to supporting our schools. As the Representative for Michigan’s 55th house district, Ms. Brabec will advocate for our right to live free from environmental concerns like PFAS and Dioxane; students’ access to a quality education; sustainable small businesses; and affordable mental and physical healthcare for all, including women’s reproductive freedom. To learn more, see feliciabrabec.com.


Eli Savit is running for Washtenaw County Prosecutor to ensure equitable justice for all Washtenaw County residents. A Washtenaw County native, Mr. Savit grew up in Ann Arbor and graduated from Ann Arbor Pioneer High School. He graduated from Kalamazoo College, where he played college basketball and was voted senior class commencement speaker. Mr. Savit started his career as a public school teacher, teaching special-education and general-education 8th grade American history. He then returned home to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan Law School, and currently serves as the City of Detroit’s senior legal counsel. To learn more, see eli2020.com.


Jerry Clayton is the Washtenaw County Sheriff. He was first elected in November 2008 in a countywide race, and re-elected in 2012. Prior to his election, Mr. Clayton served in the sheriff’s office for 20 years before retiring in 2006. Just before his retirement, he served as the Washtenaw County Jail administrator. His career also included assignments as a Corrections Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Shift Sergeant, Operations Lieutenant, County Court Security Commander, SWAT Team Commander, Corrections Division Commander and Police Services Division Commander.


Lawrence Kestenbaum is Washtenaw County’s Clerk and Register of Deeds. Before becoming County Clerk, Mr. Kestenbaum worked as a senior archive specialist for the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center at the Institute for Social Research. Mr. Kestenbaum was elected to his first four-year term as County Clerk in November 2004, taking office on Jan. 1, 2005 after defeating long-time Republican clerk Peggy Haines. He became the first Democrat to hold that office in 72 years.


Catherine McClary is the Washtenaw County Treasurer. Ms. McClary has held the Treasurer’s office since Jan. 1, 1997. She has served on a variety of volunteer boards and commissions, including the task force on sustainable housing; the Adoptive and Foster Parents Support Group; the Government Finance Officers Association (former member of its executive board); the Michigan Government Finance Officer Association (former board member); and the Michigan Association of County Treasurers (former board member). Prior to her election as Washtenaw County Treasurer, McClary worked in the private sector as a stockbroker and investment advisor.


Evan Pratt is the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner. Mr. Pratt was elected to his first four-year term in November 2012. The county’s Office of the Water Resources Commissioner oversees a range of programs and services, including design, construction and maintenance of more than 500 county drains; emergency flood response; maintenance of seven court-set lake levels; financing drain projects through sale of notes and bonds; recovering costs of operation by levying special assessments on private property, local government, and others who benefit from drainage and storm water management improvement projects.


Ellen Cogen Lipton is a former state House Representative. She earned her B.S. in Chemistry from Williams College and her J.D. from Harvard Law School, and holds professional experience as a patent attorney. She has served on many boards, including the State Board of Accountancy as the Public Representative.


Jason Strayhorn was raised in a family whose top priorities were faith and education. His father, a Senior Pastor, instilled in him that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. That is why he wants to be on the State Board of Education - to give back to his community and his state. Mr. Strayhorn knows that a quality education will be with children for the rest of their lives.


Regent Bernstein is a Democrat from Ann Arbor. He holds three degrees from the University of Michigan: A.B. (1993), J.D. (1996), and M.B.A. (1996). He was first elected to the board in 2012, and has served as its Chair in the past.


Regent Ryder Diggs, a Democrat from Grosse Pointe, is a graduate of the University of Michigan Inteflex Program. She received her B.S. degree from the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts in 1991 and her M.D. degree from the UM Medical School in 1994. Dr. Ryder Diggs then completed her internship and residency at the UM Medical Center.


Trustee Brian Mosallam is running for reelection to the MSU Board of Trustees. While on the board, Brian has been a fierce fighter for survivors of Larry Nassar, for bringing accountability to MSU, and in calling for the resignation of John Engler.


Dr. Rema Vassar is a former K-12 public school teacher, counselor, administrator, and parent organizer with over two decades of experience. She is running to restore MSU to international prominence with a dedication to equity, access, inclusion, and safety for every student, faculty member, staff member, and alumnus.


Eva Garza DeWaelsche received her bachelor’s degree and Masters in Education from Wayne State University. She is running because she is concerned that WSU’s reputation as one of the top-tier schools in the nation is at risk, and wants to create a more productive university environment.


Shirley Stancato is a seasoned executive, prominent civic leader, an expert on race relations, and a social justice advocate. For almost 20 years, Ms. Stancato was president and chief executive officer of New Detroit Inc., metropolitan Detroit’s leadership coalition devoted solely to race relations, discussion and advocacy for racial equity. She received both a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Industrial Relations from Wayne State University.


Endorsed by the Washtenaw County Democratic Party and the Eastern Washtenaw Democrats

Nick Roumel is a civil rights attorney who has fought for the underserved for 36 years. Mr. Roumel has handled the cases of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and victims of discrimination. He has taken on Michigan State University and Larry Nassar, sued corporations and insurance companies, and exposed government misconduct. His work has included fighting for indigents, students, families, and workers. His cases have included trial verdicts and precedent-setting appeals, including a unanimous decision in the Michigan Supreme Court for a learning-disabled student, and victories in pregnancy discrimination, tenant rights, and police misconduct.

Mr. Roumel’s legal experience includes expertise on expungement, immigrant rights, and marital torts. When his peers rated judicial candidates, they gave Nick the highest marks in legal knowledge, work capacity, character, ethics, and interpersonal skills. His campaign endorsements include Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, former University of Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr, former state Senator Alma Wheeler Smith, Sam Bagenstos, Lana Pollack, LGBTQIA activist Jim Toy, and many judges, elected officials, labor unions, and nearly 200 attorneys.

Married with three daughters, Nick has also served on Ann Arbor’s School Board, the ACLU lawyer’s committee, and the NAACP’s legal redress committee. To learn more, see nickroumelforjudge.com.


Endorsed by the Western Washtenaw Democrats

Tracy Van den Bergh is an Assistant Attorney General in the Health, Education and Family Service division and has spent her entire career, both as a clinical social worker and as a lawyer, dedicated to advocating for, and improving the lives of, vulnerable community members. As a social worker, Ms. Van den Bergh supported hundreds of struggling families and as a lawyer at Legal Services, she represented over 1,000 vulnerable, under-resourced Washtenaw County residents.

Ms. Van den Bergh’s legal experience includes expertise representing clients at trial, the Michigan Court of Appeals, and Michigan Supreme Court. Having earned her M.S.W. from New York University and prior to practicing law, she diagnosed and treated hundreds of adults, children and families; including treating people coping with mental health and substance abuse issues and providing support for child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.

Ms. Van den Bergh has well-rounded legal experience, specializes in family law and has practiced in every area covered by Washtenaw Courts. Her hard work, integrity, and humility have earned her numerous campaign endorsements, including Washtenaw Circuit Court Judges Carol Kuhnke, Patrick Conlin and Timothy Connors. She has resided in Scio Township with her husband and daughter for 20 years. To learn more, see tracyforjudge.com.


Endorsed by the Western Washtenaw Democrats
14-A covers all of Washtenaw County except the City of Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti Township

As your 14A District Court Judge, Judge Frushour will continue to work hard to make a positive difference in people’s lives and keep our communities safe. Ms. Frushour wants every person to walk out from their court experience feeling like they were heard, respected and treated with dignity. She is deeply proud of and invested in this community. She believes the future of our court system is in treatment courts, restorative justice ideals, and adhering to procedural fairness practices. She hopes to continue to bring a different progressive to the bench. To learn more, see frushourforjudge.com.



Endorsed by the Washtenaw Democratic Party and the Eastern Washtenaw Democrats
14-B covers Ypsilanti Township

Erane Washington is an attorney with 20 years of extensive litigation experience in criminal defense, real estate, business, and probate law. Ms. Washington has fought for the underserved before every judge in Washtenaw County, and is now running for judge herself to help ensure that our justice system reflects fairness, justice, and due process for all.

Ms. Washington’s seven years as a judicial attorney in Washtenaw County’s Circuit Court provides her with the required skills in opinion writing, court reorganization, and administration. She is very active in the local community; having volunteered on the boards of Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, Women Lawyers Association of Michigan, and Business and Professional Women’s Club. She has served as past-President of the Washtenaw County Bar Association and currently serves as an elected State Bar of Michigan Commissioner. She is a 26-year resident of Ypsilanti Township and graduate of the University of Michigan Law School. To learn more, see eraneforjudge.com.

District 1
Commissioner Maciejewski is running to improve public safety, human services and our parks.
District 2
Commissioner Shink is running to help improve local agriculture, protect our water, and improve county transparency/ accountability.
District 3
Commissioner Beeman is running to strengthen our economy, improve public safety and human services and to improve government collaboration.
District 4
Ms. Sanders is running to increase equity, access, and opportunity for Washtenaw residents, and will work for continued stability and growth.
District 5
Mr. Hodge is running because he doesn't believe that one's zip code should determine the opportunities available to them.
District 6
Commissioner Jefferson is a long-time committed public servant to the people of eastern Washtenaw County, both in appointed and elected roles.
District 7
Commissioner LaBarre is committed to improving public safety, human services, and the protection of environ­mental health and access.
District 8
Commissioner Morgan is committed to robust constituent services and improving the efficiency of county government.
District 9
Commissioner Scott is running to help make Ann Arbor an affordable place for all to live, work and play.


Non-partisan Board of Education candidates appear in this voter guide because they were endorsed by at least one of the Democratic Party organizations in Washtenaw County.

Ann Arbor Public Schools
Jeff Gaynor
Ernesto Querijero
Krystle DuPree

Chelsea Public Schools
Mark VanDeWege

Dexter Public Schools
Elise Bruderly

Saline Public Schools
M. Aramide Boatswain
Brad Gerbe
Jennifer Miller

Ypsilanti Community Schools
Maria Goodrich
Yvonne Fields

Ypsilanti District Library
Kay Williams
Omer Jean Winborn

Washtenaw Community College
Ruth Hatcher
Dave DeVarti
Christina Fleming

Candidates for local office appear in this voter guide because they won their Democratic primary election, or in the case of non-partisan offices, were endorsed by at least one of the Democratic Party organizations in Washtenaw County.

Ann Arbor City Council
Ward 1: Lisa Disch
Ward 2: Linh Song
Ward 3: Travis Radina
Ward 4: Jen Eyer
Ward 5: Erica Briggs

Dexter City Council
Cole Miller

Saline Mayor
Christen Mitchell

Saline City Council
Janet Dillon
Dawn Krause

Dean Girbach

Ypsilanti City Council
Lois Richardson
Steven Wilcoxen
Annie Somerville

Webster Township
Clerk: Barbara Calleja
Trustee: Shelly Vrsek
Trustee: Dan Munzel

Ann Arbor Township
Clerk: Rena Basch
Supervisor: Diane O’Connell
Trustee: Rodney Smith
Trustee: Michael Moran
Trustee: John Allison
Trustee: Kris Olsson

Sylvan Township
Clerk: Kathleen Kennedy
Treasurer: Cyndi Jabara
Trustee: Sandra Schulze
Trustee: Amanda Nimke‑Ballard

Augusta Township
Clerk: Kimberly Gonczy
Supervisor: Cath Howard
Treasurer: Susan Burek
Trustee: Terrance Green
Trustee: Linda Adams
Trustee: Kathleen McDonald
Trustee: David Hall

Dexter Township
Clerk: Michelle Stamboulellis
Supervisor: Diane Ratkovich
Treasurer: Maris Metz
Trustee: Laura Sanders
Trustee: Karen Nolte
Trustee: Karen Sikkenga
Trustee: Mary Beth Michaud

Lyndon Township
Clerk: Linda Lou Reilly
Supervisor: Pam Byrnes
Treasurer: Kristen Brekke
Trustee: Robert Mester
Trustee: Tim Eder

Manchester Township
Treasurer: Laurie Carey
Trustee: John Seefeld

Northfield Township
Supervisor: LJ Walter III
Trustee: Adam Olney
Trustee: David Gordon
Trustee: Christine Miles
Trustee: Dana Forrester

Pittsfield Township
Clerk: Michelle Anzaldi
Supervisor: Mandy Grewal
Treasurer: Patricia Scribner
Trustee: Linda Edwards‑Brown
Trustee: Gerald Krone
Trustee: Yameen Jaffer
Trustee: Andrea Urda‑Thompson
Parks: Theresa Tupacz
Parks: Trish Reilly
Parks: Stephanie Hunt
Parks: Anne Fortunato
Parks: Stacy Ebron
Scio Township
Clerk: Jessica Flintoft
Supervisor: Will Hathaway
Treasurer: Donna Palmer
Trustee: Kathleen Knol
Trustee: Alec Jerome
Trustee: Jackie Courteau
Trustee: Jane Vogel

Superior Township
Clerk: Lynette Findley
Supervisor: Ken Schwartz
Treasurer: Brenda McKinney
Trustee: Nancy Caviston
Trustee: Lisa Lewis
Trustee: Rhonda McGill
Trustee: Bernice Lindke
Parks: Marion Morris
Parks: Terry Lansing
Parks: Martha Kern‑Boprie
Parks: Nahid Sanii‑Yahai
Parks: Gregory Vessels

Ypsilanti Township
Clerk: Heather Roe
Supervisor: Brenda Stumbo
Treasurer: Stan Eldridge
Trustee: Gloria Peterson
Trustee: Jimmie Wilson, Jr.
Trustee: Debbie Swanson
Trustee: John Newman, II
Parks: Tajalli Hodge
Parks: Star Smith
Parks: Brad O’Connor
Parks: David Streeter
Parks: Darrell Kirby
Parks: Brad Hine
Parks: Jeff Neel

The Washtenaw County Democratic Voter Guide is a project paid for by the:


SAMPLE BALLOT (to take into the booth with you)
IMPORTANT: There are several elections that are specific to a district.  Please refer to the specific page, if noted, for candidate information.  To find your sample ballot, go to michigan.gov/vote.


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